Why do you give to charity?

4 Dec

The world is full of numerous charitable organizations. These organizations do not make money. Instead, they depend on donors to support them financially. Some of the donors give continuously while others do it only once.

Nevertheless, it is important to give to charities. Giving to charities is quite appealing for many reasons, as you will see below.

It Feels Good

First, few things in life can give you the kind of pleasure that you derive from donating to charities. Science has proven that anybody who donates money will always feel better. Such simple acts activate the pleasure centers within the brain.

Charities support people in need all over the world. Giving to these organizations, therefore, offers a chance to help needy people. Globally, a huge gap exists between the poor and the rich. The poor need all the help they can get. Charitable organizations offer them just that.

Tax Deductions

Then there is the not-so-little-matter of tax deductions. Giving to charities opens the door for you to receive or benefit from these deductions. However, you only qualify for these deductions if you are in the US and donate money to IRS-approved charities.

Creates Opportunities

Does life seem to have lost its meaning? If it has, you should start considering donating some of your finances to charities. Such acts create more opportunities for meeting new people with whom you share a few ideas and causes.

Donating to charities is a good habit to teach your children. They grow up learning that it is good to give to those who are badly off than them. It is an excellent way of teaching your kids the benefits and importance of being generous.

Therefore, give to charities to enjoy all these benefits and more.

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